[영상] Ajou Univ. Division of Digital Media Demo Reel

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Ajou Univ. Division of Digital Media Demo Reel from ahhrahan on Vimeo.

이번 시그라프에서 상영된 아주대학교 미디어학부 Demoreel 입니다.

전체적인 작업은 성민형이, 시작부분 모션그래픽은 예린이가, 

여기에 들어가진 않았지만 각 작품 앞에 들어간 로고애니메이션은 홍석이가 고생했습니다. ㅠㅠ





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링크 가보시면 자세한 설명과 샘플 영상이 있습니다.

The course will retail for $329, but as promised, we’re doing the 40% pre-ordering discount for 3 weeks starting April 17th, which puts the price at $197.

총 7개의 DVD로 구성된 VFX 튜토리얼이다.
샘플 영상을 보니 이번 학기에 듣고 있는 디지털영상특수효과 교재내용이 동영상으로 만들어진 것 같은 느낌이다.
(영어는 못 알아 들어도 화면을 보고 교재 내용이 생각이 났다;)

가격이 $329


발매 후 3주간 40% 할인해 준다고 하지만 그래도 $197.
교수님께 말이라도 해봐야겠다. ㅋ-




[VFX] World Builder - Bruce Branit

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(인터넷 속도가 여유롭다면 꼭 HQ버튼을 눌러서 보길 바랍니다.)

디지털영상특수효과 수업 시간에 교수님이 보여주신 영상.

앞으로 VFX가 추구해야 하는 이상을 담고 있는 느낌?
그런 느낌이 들었다.

단순히 '진짜'처럼 만들어내는 것이 아니라
그 '진짜'에서 감동을 만들어 내는 것.
(혹은 사람들의 마음을 움직이는 무언가를)

쉽지 않을 일인걸 알지만, 그만큼 매력적이지 않은가.

영상을 처음 봤을 때는 단순히 '기술'에 감탄을 했지만,
마지막까지 본 다음에는 담고있는 내용에 감동할 수 밖에 없었다.




Monster "Legs"

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Here’s another magical tale from the wizards at MassMarket, prosthetics master Stan Winston and production company MJZ (among others). It’s such an enchanting narrative that I really don’t care that it’s an ad. It stands on its own.

Following is some inside poop from the release. Note that the hardest part of the whole process wasn’t the CG or the compositing. It was the legs.

 What was MassMarket’s role in the project? What was the creative brief (if there was one):
MassMarket served as VFX house. This included working closely with MJZ and Rupert Sanders to supervise the shoot and set up a plan to achieve the desired look for the cave environment and legs for the main character.

 What tools/software were used?
Nothing surprising for this one. CG was done in Maya, Flame for the compositing, roto on Silhoette and Boujou for tracking.

 Creatively, what did MassMarket bring to the project?
Creatively, we brought our technical expertise and eye for well integrated VFX. In the beginning of the project we had to help test and design the approach for the legs.

There were three main set-ups that we had to devise a methodology for; wide, head on shots were the hero character was walking toward us, side profile shots and closer shots. Working with MJZ and Stan Winston, Cedric (VFX Supervisor and Lead Flame artist) tested a few approaches and came up with a technique to use stilts and prosthetics for some scenes as well a little Flame ingenuity and magic to create the overall look (we won’t reveal our secrets-).

Equally, we had to think in larger scale as well for the cave sequence. Here, we wanted to create a world that would look like the center of the earth with this large bicycle rig in the center. From the start, Ruppert had a very clear vision of what he wanted with the gyroscopic rig and in pre-production his production designer created an amazing design for it.

We then had to augment that design with CG elements in order to extend the structure and create the grandness that everyone was looking for. Finally, in CG we designed and built the cave environment, capturing this dark otherworldly space.

 Were there any challenges?
The legs were the biggest challenge and thus required the most up front planning and testing.


Monster "Legs" : Credits

Client: Monster
Agency: BBDO, New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Eric Silver
Art Director: Jerome Marucci
Copywriter: Steve McElligott
Senior Agency Producer: Anthony Curti, Ed Zazzera
Executive Music Producer: Loren Parkins
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
Executive Producer: Eric Stern
Producer: Laurie Boccaccio
Director of Photography: Greg Fraser
Editorial Company: Spotwelders
Editor: Bill Smedley
VFX Company: MassMarket
VFX Executive Producers: Justin Lane, Angela Bowen
VFX Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang
VFX Supervisor: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Lead Flame Artist: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Flame Artists: Chris Staves, Sarah Eim
Lead Technical Director: David Chontos
Designer: Josh Harvey
CG Animators: Jonah Friedman, Chris Hill
Tracking: Joerg Liebold, Steven Hill, Hyunjeen Lee
Lead Roto Artist: Leslie Chung
Roto Artists: J Bush, Alejandro Monzon, Tiffany Chung
Sound Design: Mit Out Sound
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone

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